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Bob Marley

    The BusyBox environment is a text-only affair so I’m not sure if the mouse drivers are being loaded. The keyboard is loaded by the UEFI, Windows, and Live USB image so there’s something funky going on with the bootloader on Linux. I’ve gone ahead and opened a ticket. At the very least, I hope they’ll be able to fix the firmware cleanup step for the future even if I wind up having to reinstall Linux (would rather struggle through the repair though so I know how to fix it in the future as reinstalling each time would get annoying). 🙂

    Yuck. Kind of sounds like they had set it up with other hardware first and then simply changed their minds on what to sell it with. Only reason I can think of for why the Nvidia audio driver would be installed.

    Yeah, Windows doesn’t look at the ETA when it does the percentage. Don’t know what figures into it but several parts of it take a lot longer than others. I do wish they had a text environment to monitor things. I can say that Windows is very slow with updates and upgrades. On Linux, it’s very fast (a few minutes_ while it takes several hours to do upgrades of a similar scale on Windows. 😛

    Ugh. Do you have a spare sound card you could slip in? That should take care of the audio issues

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