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    No mouse either?
    Someone from Reddit suggested EasyUEFI as a solution, they do offer a free trial, wonder if things break as soon as it expires. 😛
    Lawk a mussy, issues with the new HP already. First, the description had an external optical/DVD burner drive which was not included. They are sending one through, but it’s a wait, and they have accordingly updated the product listing to no optical drive.
    Switching on, the audio was configured to a non-existent nvidia thingo, moving it back to realtek was fine, interestingly the product ad also had:

    Windows 11 Pro (preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro Downgrade)

    Actually, W10 was on instead, or if they meant it was, why not just say so. The machine met the requirements for W11 so the natural choice was the Update Assistant for the installation process. All went well, albeit a bit slow at 80% – 99%, so left it to go out for a spot of garden work. On return, a couple of hours later, the machine was on, no video, so hard reset, and the machine booted up to … W10 again.
    Checked the event logs, quite a few reg corruption related errors, nothing about the failed update. Tried the Update Assistant again, good news the iso downloaded by the UA was not deleted, bad news, still had to wait a long time for the final 80% – 99% to complete. This time ok’d the dialog to reboot for W11, and yay, it worked.
    Right now it’s powered off, though with an unresolved issue involving WU and the Realtek audio driver, probably related to what’s described here, so looking ahead there’s the promise of a bright future with liberal lashings of considerable pain. 🙂