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    Heh, this next merry go round with the Ob machine was in a way, partially attributed to the cat.
    Booted up the machine today, knowing everything was fine upon the startup up bell coming through loud and clear from outside the dwelling. Great! Some time later, in pulling up a video, instead of the usual blast of sound from the SBZ, there was rather muted output coming from only one speaker.
    Tried the usual troubleshooting, and rebooted, no change. Oh dear, do remember a solution/workaround regarding channels in the closed Creative Labs forums, unfortunately the search facility on the archived page requires login which in turn produces a 302.
    So, got around to checking the physical connections, in particular the phone jack to RCA on the amp, and … huh, the sound was there even when either of the left right channels was disconnected.
    Then it all came back, there is a second pair of speakers located outside that were activated earlier today in order to listen to a radio show, the sound that seemed to come from the one speaker near the door was actually booming in from outside.. And, because the cat was inside sleeping, turned off the house speakers, something that is done only on rare occasions. So, no problem at all, which, in summation, is testament to the up hills and down dales one undergoes throughout the aging process, and will not likely improve over time! 😛