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    There’s … still a few imps dancing round and round, as firing up the old W10 Ob machine got a blank screen, rinse and repeat, nothing, couldn’t hear any obvious signs of disk activity either. No sign of activity on the TV (primary monitor connected through HDMI.) The repair shop might have used a DVI connection for the monitor, however the dual monitor info was lost, from recent experience W11 handles monitor behaviour (from history?) a little differently.
    Then remembered the connection of the previous replacement rig back here was with HDMI through to the old Samsung S24B350 monitor, because that (secondary) monitor has no DVI out, a minor inconvenience. So connected the GTX 650 out to the monitor through HDMI, nothing on the secondary (but primarily used monitor). Switched on the TV, and there it was, a Windows desktop! Reconnected the VGA cable to the secondary monitor, reconnected HDMI to the TV as before, switched display in Settings, pressed something on the monitor itself to re-affirm VGA, pulled the HDMI, and wow, it all came back as before! 🙂

    And – er – they may have go the repair info round the wrong way as the Ob machine had the SW issue and the Skyrim rig was a reseat. Possible, although unlikely, as the Skyrim rig is still not fixed, and the Ob PC still has the wake from Hibernate freeze. The repair guy also made a note that as these machines are beyond obsolescence, backup the data! Relics of an era indeed!

    Yeah, reminiscent of an old Win 3.X bug where showing a popup or system menu did the same thing.