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    Do appreciate the work gone into the Anandtech and 3dMark sites, the functionality is no doubt a bit more clunky if you don’t sign up.
    This is planned to be a winter PC, thus a slightly unhinged reliance on cool ambient temperatures at least as far as pre global warming conditions go. 😛
    Have to agree as far as performance goes, here are topcpu’s UHD 770 comparison assessments, hd 7700, gtx 650, and rx 550. Interestingly, the 4gb rx 550 does not quite match the similarly priced 1gb hd 7770. One naturally assumes that as “things improve with time”, the rx would exceed the hd doubly or so, silly, silly. 😛
    Good thing is the igc uses much less power than any gpu really, including the low powered 50W rx, a card purchased for low footprint and high performance, we wish.
    Yeah, 4 16gb slots and only one stick – sounds like an idea to beef it up sometime. 🙂