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Bob Marley

    Sounds good 🙂

    If you do choose to upgrade the cooling, I recommend that you look at Noctua’s low profile coolers and fans if you don’t want to go with an AIO cooler (I still haven’t made the jump for whatever reason and still use air cooling). Make sure you measure before ordering to make sure it’ll fit! Noctua’s products are top notch. To give you an idea, I had an NH-D14 on a custom built system using a Cooler Master HAF 932 case back before AIO coolers were a thing and it kept the CPU at a nice 60°C under heavy load and 37 idle. 🙂

    Fun fact: FrozenCPU shipped it in a box that was used to hold bulk cereal boxes. 😛

    Yeah, dedicated graphics are almost always better than integrated. AnandTech hasn’t done a recent survey but you can take a look at their 2019 test database to get an idea:

    May also be worth checking Notebook Check’s comparisons, too, just to get a feel for what you’ll be able to play without seeing any issues. Should be fine though! 🙂

    The biggest thing to note is that with an integrated, you’re sharing VRAM with the regular RAM when your VRAM gets filled up (it generally uses the system RAM as overflow) so it’s good to get plenty of RAM. If you upgrade anything, you’d get the most benefit from RAM. 🙂

    I’ve dual booted on a single drive plenty of times without a single issue so it should be fine. I just prefer two drives now as they’re better for me personally, is all. It helps keeps things from breaking while I’m tinkering 🙂