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    Going with pretty basic, the igc has potential for some newer games on a tower with an i7 and possibly faster memory as demonstrated here:

    No-one mentioned overheating in the comments there, fortunately this is only an i5, the docs tabulate heat dissipation to make us all feel safe. 🙂
    And, news flush, there will be no upgrading or modding the innards of this beast- other than of course, to – ahem – relieve potential overheating issues. 😛
    Regarding Linux, the major drawback is just the one physical drive, so the challenge is to partition it correctly in W11.
    As a matter of interest, comparing the graphics power of the UHD 770 and the RX550 in the “new PC” mentioned here here and back at MS Teams, there is much to be said in favour of the RX550, for which the “heavier” gameplays here will be reserved. Technical city is less enthusiastic.
    Looking at a side by side comparison to the 2012 HD 7700 on the old Skyrim PC, believe it or not, the HD 7700 wins, mostly. Technical city prefers the UHD 770.
    A similar diff to the 2012 GTX 650 on the Oblivion PC has it roughly the same, yet Technical city continues to lean toward the UHD 770.
    Funny that, wonder if certain rival companies have a hand in those test results. 😛

    Yes, a magnificent system indeed for a bit of extra coin, the said extra coin in the pocket will be put to good use in other (hopefully) non-bill paying enterprises. 🙂