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    The Oblivion desktop is kaput after being powered on after some months in storage. The lights and fans turn on, the DVD door works if operated, no BIOS beep or light on keyboard, nothing on screen either.
    The old Skyrim PC has turned out even worse, the last windows session on it gone into permanent frost. On reboot there was a service exception BSOD, so rebooted. The Windows logo would show for a few seconds, then came the spinning dots animation followed by blank screen with no activity in the device at all. The machine would then power off/reboot with the same behaviour. Did check the UEFI settings, nothing out of order there.
    Later power on would get rapid beeps from the box, right now, there is no response to the power button at all. The cause of the error is PSU, memory, CPU, or the whole kit and caboodle, who knows?
    Thus it’s very much like the aftershocks of the disintegrating relics causing one to be propelled into the invidious situation of acquiring new hardware. 🙁
    Done! 😛