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    After the above inclusion, this is a sure fire eyeroller. 😛
    The purchase of an HP Elite SFF 600 G9 from here could be correctly construed as being diametrically opposed to any religion not espousing branded products.
    The rationale for the switch goes like:

    • Cheap, free delivery, and good support.
    • Low power consumption.
    • Quiet operation.
    • On board graphics, so don’t have to worry about OEM graphic drivers.
    • Fine for older games like Oblivion and even Skyrim, not for things like CSGO 2 which will never be played in any case.
    • Lightweight, compact, and a wee bit upgradeable. 😛
    • Comes with obsolete DVD so convenient to play the TES5 and BG from the time-worn disks here./li>
    • Ubuntu certified, so an option of Linux later.

    Divining a good custom built rig these days is fraught with a myriad of true, quasi-true and totally false leads, and a good evaluation is hard to find. Similar hurdles in the research required to land such a beauty as the above thelio mira r3 (404 now – that was quick).