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    Oh, given your phone is 10 years old, and Samsung having announced it now supports 7 upgrades for Galaxy devices, yours now qualifies for the update? Wow, some shock factor in there for the phone, and apart from the OS sucking the life out of the unit, everything looks fine?
    Admittedly, on 1080p, the tablet here has more grunt, and, compared to the old one (which is not connected to internet), loses a lot more drain on a daily basis. The focus on performance here is turning down or off and reducing permissions for apps which are not used. As committed to using the Google Play store only, the Samsung Play Store is turned off for now, even though it keeps prompting.
    The main gripe is not being able to turn off the sidebar in Google Search, (with “Discover” “Search” “Saved”) on the left. No issue with Chrome, but certainly with what Google has done to the Samsung browser. And, btw, there’s no mention of that sidebar in flags anymore, in fact the whole thing is a movable feast according to the comments in this video.
    Doesn’t seem to be a search box available for searching Chrome Settings in Android either- same with you?