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Bob Marley

    Not exactly. After Maxx “C” is activated, whenever the other player summons a monster then the player who activated Maxx “C” draws a card. So: Summon -> Other Draws -> Summon -> Other draws rinse and repeat. If they draw Sales Ban, then you’re essentially out of luck with drawing during their turn as they’ll likely have other cards that’ll lock you down since their hand is likely now 15 at least instead of the usual 5 that you start with. Interestingly, Sales Ban is hardly used at all even though its effect is rather powerful. I haven’t used it myself but I may add it in to a deck just to see if it can be useful to counter other staple cards that are in fact legal over here in the TCG regions 🙂

    Over here in TCG realm, a lot of folks have been calling for Maxx “C” to be banned in Master Duel (it’s not legal in the physical version of TCG, just the OCG) as it can be such a problematic card, sucking the fun out of the online game. They could fix the card by limiting how many cards it’ll let you draw, say maxing out at 3, but I’m not sure they’re so inclined. :shrug:

    Pot of Greed is banned, interestingly enough, in all formats and that only lets the turn player draw 2. Unbanning it would actually be a good way to balance Maxx “C” without changing any card text

    We used to see ads on the tele for Pokemon sets all the time, too, but haven’t seen any in several years. Not sure why. We also used to see video games more often and toy commercials. The board game ads were especially fun seeing the concept renditions 😀

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    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 3 days ago by Bob Marley.