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Bob Marley

    Master Duel is mostly based on the OCG rulings and ban list but has since evolved to include bits of the TCG ones and even its own so a lot of people consider it its own format now. I will say that when they banned Maxx “C” for a few days, the game was a lot more fun. It’s a really broken card. Essentially, it lets you draw a card whenever your opponent special summons and with the current game being almost entirely based on special summons, the opponent gets to draw at least ten cards in your turn, letting them pull everything they need to stop you when you get going then win immediately in their turn and potentially cancel out your Maxx “C” with something like Sales Ban (lets you forbid your opponent from using a specific card for one turn at the expense of you not being allowed to use it for the rest of the game)

    Yeah, the themes often align with some other things. They have quite a few cards that put the anime characters in the game and other cool stuff.

    Been meaning to get a Tarot deck at some point partly for the novelty of it. Cool! Could also be fun for a cook! 😀