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    Lovely, could work in a terrarium too. 🙂
    Fetch box is on the way, so once activated, there’s no going back to the TTV. The service operator said they were fine, mustering the temerity for the riposte “fine, for landfill?” not on tap. 😛
    Acquired a nice clock like this the other day:
    Belvedere Clock
    Didn’t realize the url link for the clock is the actual image – cool!
    Digital clocks are passé, and so are the keys that wind them, and if anything gets lost in clockland, the keys go first. As there is a dearth of “Swiss Army Knife” digital clock keys, procuring the right key for the clock can be a lengthy and expensive operation. Instead, the decision here is to try out a bunch of micro tweezers from Ali Express, the worst case is if they don’t come in handy for splinters and the like, they’ll make a wonderful gift for icky friends & foes at Tweezermas. 😛