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Bob Marley

    I’ve had issues on Linux as well! Granted, those have been due to the package maintainers pushing out a bad configuration file and refusing to fix it after they were made aware of it

    Has issues with Nvidia drivers in the past on both operating systems. They claimed it was hardware related but everything pointed to a fault in the common driver code causing random hard freezes. On Linux, I was able to recover by going into the lower level console and manually reloading the drivers and modules. Haven’t touched Nvidia cards since then. Even Evga, who manufactured the card, agreed with my diagnosis. Very irresponsible of Nvidia!

    Yep! Can’t do 10 BPC without proper driver support! It’s quite nice when working with photos 🙂

    I did used to like tweaking things but support has gotten so hairy (hello cousin It!) that I mostly just use the basic stuff now, outside of theming that is. Still like tweaking the snot out of GTK 😛

    We need more game discussion going on!

    Weird! Yeah, definitely try doing a clean install of the full driver package and seeing if that helps. A lock may have gotten set somewhere for who knows what reason. These things can get strange!

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