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Bob Marley

    Updated the AMD drivers from 23 to 24 the other day and, while the update itself went smoothly, there were some oddities after install. I always try to leave the settings at the defaults when I can to keep wonkiness away and after the update the fans kept revving up more in non-resource intense programs (this was on Windows). I tried capping the frame rate in Adrenaline using both Vsync settings individually (didn’t have them both on at once) but those settings didn’t seem to have any effect and things were still hitting 600 FPS (need to report the bug to AMD). The default profile is HYPR-RX under Gaming -> Graphics so I changed that to Default and everything went back to normal. Definitely a bug in Adrenaline there but if anyone has issues with version 24, try changing the profiles. 🙂

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