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    Weird, Bergeron was a Frenchman, from a French family, yet the motto on the fca is in English. His father doesn’t have it, but Nicolas much earlier does. She uploaded the image to the site with nary a historical reference, thus it has merrily propagated to other commercial heraldry sites like this that present with the usual beguiling authentic look.
    Yeah the crosses on the Sterne fca are patonce, and not straight, as opposed to the US versions.
    The basic layout of the motif gets a lot of modding variation, so quite ubiquitous, though in Elvin’s dictionary only two versions are mentioned:

    Plate 2 Item 2:
    45 Az. a Chevron lozengy engrailed or and gu. betw. three Plates each charged with a Martlet sa. Flet- wood

    Plate 22 item 9:
    Az. on a chev. ar. betw. three Staff- Tree leaves slipped or, as many Bees volant ppr. Leaf

    There’s quite a bit of info over at generalarmoryfandom, however their searches only pull family names beginning with “A”.
    Edit: Family tree, all boxed up in a puny 1606 files! 🙂