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    As the new tablet has begun to acquire cobwebs, and the 8 year old tablet already starting to show a little wonkiness, went ahead and transferred the data with Smart Switch. Went fairly well, although the program can be a bit picky if things are not plugged in the required sequence. 🙂
    Fun fact, the micro Usb 2.0 to USB C cable purchased for the job is already dead tech. 🙁

    Seems to be a gazillion more options in the setup and resulting interface, not a gimme for the time poor. The easy access google search bar on the old unit is not replicated in the new, so it’s a priority to reconfigure the one-click quick search icon.
    There always has to be a hitch though, the SIM card won’t eject when the small wire removal tool is inserted in the old unit. There’s a spring in the hole that responds, but no ejecto. The guy in the local tech shop might have the gear to do it. 🙁