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Laurie Stearn

    Oh, have some with power buttons in the PC graveyard underneath, there are old Logitech, Laser, and Sky keyboards all from the noughties I think. Do remember posting a piccy of the nice looking Sky at AL, these days images on Google are buried, did happen to surf into a nice bit of banter re keyboards wayback. 😛
    The foil Will definitely help, but will also look rather awful. Partially settled the issue by turning the aerial on the radio to face the other way. 😛
    Fun fact: The radio is much closer to the microwave, which performs a much better job of killing the conversation. 😛

    Btw, the APC software deposits this directory APCPowerChuteConfig in C:\ (Root) containing a file currentprocess.xml with a bit of data including proc id. Why, don’t ask. 😛