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Bob Marley

    I haven’t seen a power button on a keyboard in years. Do they still put them on the keyboards? Last one I had with the button on it was an old Mac from the early 90’s/late 80’s.

    For the EMF interference, you can try putting some aluminum foil on the side of the case facing the radio. That’ll create an RF shield and may help some. If not, you can always use the foil in the oven 🙂

    For the amp here, I had some buzzing coming in from it to the speakers that I fixed by buying some shielded caps for the RCA jacks.

    Awesome! We’ll need to get some of those sounds added! 😀

    Looking over their page there, it sounds like that’s for their business customers but it’s not entirely clear. Yeah, it’s starting to sound like the UPS is on its last legs. 🙁