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    Yes! Get it at Sourceforge! There’s a list of Norton inspired warez at Wikipedia, the “K” in Krusader was an inspired choice for sure!
    Batch is an oldie but a goodie, as is PS and JS, subject is mentioned at vbforums as well, logged in there recently only to find the user account is bricked. 🙁

    Nice. 🙂 Must confess that game has not been sampled here yet, it’s on the list. The forum, once abuzz with activity and excitement has of late settled into a long period of hush hush. 🙂

    Weird how some posts at HP get removed without explanation, over at Intel, posted a CPU-Z link in a thread that got me banned altogether, took a little while for support to welcome us back in for the reply. Note, their permalinks don’t anchor in Edge, speaking of which, some unspeakable agents of doom have gone and removed section anchors in Wikipedia articles, go fig.

    Weird issue with MS Learn pages when logged in, looking at that thread some countries have it fixed already while others continue on with the pain. 🙁

    (WMIS) is down, hence all the Metadata staging failed errors in the event log. Not to be confused with WMI which will continue in favour of MI.

    WMIC is going btw, would have looked good in Midnight Commander to be sure!

    Passwords import from csv via Edge won’t allow a skip option for an “errant” record, so it will fail for the whole lot, unfortunately.