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    Congrats on the jars. Do the lids screw in – it’s not easy to tell. Might want a tight fit in case that frogs breath takes over the pantry. 😛
    Confining plasmas magnetically might be the best shot, especially if dealing with dusty plasmas, which can exist at quite cool temperatures.

    Nick Evanson knows all about benchmarks, too, did he once dream of microchip designs incorporating Mad Onions – characterized in branding by pungent smelling rings forming round and squeezing the processor cores, thus introducing “Silicon Doodles” to the next level! 😛
    Marge appears to be a figure of veneration, and also of some power, as upon the closing of the lid, she will protect the resting body below, (if it happens to be Homer, it’ll be from further taps on the head with the soup ladle) 😛
    The Stellarator looks rather pretty, certainly a thing for fusion power, although there are problems:

    In a production design, the magnets would need to be protected from the 14.1 MeV neutrons being produced by the fusion reactions.

    Really depends on what the local recycling center uses, sounds like if there is no rayon/nylon/polyester and the like they could biodegrade in soil given 10-15 years or so. Over here, worn items are generally given the toss though.

    Right now burning well perfumed, though not quite intoxicating Sensing Spirit incense sticks. Rather strange they are not included in his shop list, but somewhere else, so obviously some arrangement was made re permissions. Very soothing. 🙂
    Edit: Our perennial favourite the Atlas Obscura lists this gem of a basket, if it ever has to be relocated, there’ll be a special type of giant crane required for the pick-up. 😛