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    A LS & 2SB DVD was gifted by a family member for a birthday some time ago, probably ~2012. Replayed it later, in case something was missed. The earlier Lock, Stock and Barrel had nothing much in common other than the name, it does have Claude Akins however, ubiquitous in 50s, 60s and 70s movies and shows.
    Remember seeing bits of Rift awhile back, tend to shy away from sub movies unless there’s a standout focal point in the description, funny there are not too many submarine-centric comedies, if ever one comes out, it’s odds on to be a hoot, if a crock instead, it won’t have too far to sink! 😛
    Completed streaming Fargo Series 5, where it seems the writers have been commissioned to concoct a farrago of stuff with random set of weird events and characters in a neo-western format. Found it entertaining enough, and some surprising lines, especially from Tillman:

    Well, you don’t get it, do you? This is the path I’m on. Starts at birth and it ends here. This isn’t a trip to Starbucks on the way to the office. This isn’t an idea. God cuts our names into bone and that’s who we become. He blows His holy trumpet and the walls fall down. You all came here to find Lot’s wife, but she’s already a pillar of salt and she ain’t turning back. So, go and live, or stay and die. It’s up to you.

    The audio, sweeps, zooms and transitions in A Perfect Murder make it a joy to watch as the story unwinds. Disagree with the Rotten Tomatoes assessment, although the development in the last few minutes of the film came off a little underdone. Buddy Boy was terrific. 😛
    The New Corporation is well put together and armed with a provoking tilt, it tends to promote the conclusions of the film makers through the us_versus_them angle, thus the idea of engaging in protest is the only way to change the fixture. (As an alternative, “common sense” has its attractions. 🙂 )
    Although the basic premise of 222 is hokey, the visuals and effects are very slick, thus very easy on the eyes, the work from the lead actors was convincing, some of the supports wanted a second take though. Rotten Tomatoes took it down too much, more like a 6/10 here.
    And wow, after seeing Dredd, and half expecting the detractors at RT rapping it up for the bomb squad again, pleasantly surprised to see that everyone liked it, as was the case here. Recommended. 🙂