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    Pretty nifty if it charges up without a dock, but from the air alone, making it truly “wireless.” 😛
    Yeah, still using the Stupid Factory mousemat, for which the NIP number in the description might suggest the item hails from around 2003, enough to warrant a candidate relic at least. 😛
    Wow, up to ten years of use out of the Ecoflow makes it very desirable, and excellent relic potential for tomorrow and beyond, she’ll love it! 🙂
    Ordered the battery for the APC Back-UPS RS 900G mentioned a couple of posts back, hope it works as the UPS itself was discontinued last year, making it a relatively recent relic.
    Some local resellers offer cheaper batteries like this, maintaining they are compatible with the original, funny thing is, they differ visually, the installed battery is a side-by-side pair, and if they offer singles only, the purchase of two would cost more in any case.