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Sorry! Looks like that image was removed for whatever reason. Here’s a new one!

Yeah, the A/C is set to turn on at 80F. The humidity is so bad, though, that it’s still very high outside even at 72F. It’s horrible!

Great! Yeah, I need to do that with my lamps. As I use them, the screws holding the shafts together and the one holding the shade down come loose so I periodically need to tighten them up. Had one time when the whole thing came apart on me, it was so loose 😛

Will definitely add it to the reading list! 🙂

Over here, we also have instances where prisoners are sometimes exploited to run scams using their phone time. Always disheartens me 🙁

On Bob Marley said

Found these yesterday:—boxlunch-exclusive/13341930.html

Would look quite nice in the kitchen! 🙂

The jars came! They’re much bigger than expected!