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    Have they changed the scaling for Pizza Planet, the only one available here is the original, which, as you know has a rather strong resemblance to the one at Tomorrowland.
    Don’t have the A/C on every day then? Over here on hot summer days, it gets tuned on from around 2pm to 6pm, really does make a difference in the evening.
    The Soga trollies purchased a couple of years back (MS Teams has the saga of the transaction) are doing fine, however the screws do loosen from usage, so having to tighten them all up again is an unexpected ordeal.
    David Wengrow was on a replayed chat show the other day outlining The Dawn of Everything, very engaging, and a book worth reading.
    It’s about time these scam camps have to be brought to account, hard to believe some folks get to be so rotten in their dealings with others.