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    Have to explore Tubi again.
    Never knew Stephen King tried his hand at directing, bad luck with an Italian crew, should have just stuck with fixing the script though.
    The idea of Mansion of the Doomed could have been extended to animals, a real hoot if the vision was restored with the eyes of a regular barn owl, for instance.
    Yeah, those kinds of movies can be scary too, especially when your favourite comic actor turns out to be a spookaloo psycho. 😛
    The lead in the Disaster Artist carried around with him an aura of irritation, which adds weight to the journey of the film. Things pick up towards the end though, which transforms the arduous exercise into uproarious hilarity.
    Found Snatch rather entertaining with lively one-liners and nicely paced changes. An all star cast endows it with a feel good crowd pleaser vibe in such a way the blend and interactive mix of characters comes out with a streak of bland. The director knows it, but doesn’t care, thus we don’t either. 😛