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Finished up with support a few weeks ago. The only thing left was to restore the Windows bootloader, which went without a hitch. Just didn’t have time to do it before yesterday morning. Now I can go back and finish configuring everything again. 🙂

No surprise that the motherboard is proprietary. Do wish they’d use more standard parts, though, for better software support.

SK Hynix is a good brand and known for stability. Their parts are mostly sold to integrators and the embedded market but they’ve recently started selling their SSDs to the general consumer so you may not have a problem finding identical RAM if you want to upgrade to another stick. 🙂

Sounds good on the monitor issues. I think DP is video only but I’ve only ever used it with external speakers so don’t quote me on that.

Year, everyone’s hearing is different. For instance, I had some EMF interference on the unused RCA jacks on the amp that only I could hear on account of the frequency. Had to cap them to get rid of it 🙂

Yeah, we get the driver loading errors on Linux, too. On Linux, it tries each module so the errors aren’t true errors but information messages saying the associated hardware for the module wasn’t found so the module failed to take effect. Can get a tad confusing when there is an actual error

Yep, that external looks pretty slick. 🙂

May need an external at some point myself

*looks at RCT disc*