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    Here too, an installation USB is mandatory.
    🙂 Fabulous, now one supposes that whatever is in that PopOS drive will lead you back to Linux Land. Heard from support yet?

    Here’s the skinny on the new rig:
    Has two DP ports and one HDMI, which is standard, and as many lower priced monitors have one DP and two HDMI, the workaround is noted. 😛

    Posted the known audio issues and, due to a pending monitor shuffle, acquired a new monitor for the downstairs rig. Fortunately, the RX 550 has the matching DP outlet, leaving the HDMI for the old TV. And yeah, the monitor comes with its own sound device, making full use of the HDMI it seems, this human ear unable to tell if the audio is superior to the Realtek.

    The rig works pretty well, the errors at startup are standard, haven’t gone into the UEFI yet.

    HP provide a nice interface in the Desktop with utilities, and even a browser, the Chromium based “HP Sure Click Secure Browser.”

    Oh, and the DVD writer arrived, it’s brilliant! Must handle with care as somewhat fragile, as some of the negative user reviews have attested.