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Yeah, just a basic syrup. The recipe said to stack the layers and then pour. It may work better to do the first layer, stack, then pour again.

Cool! Wasn’t aware she had a site. Good to know! And an updated version of the book is on the way. Awesome 🙂

Made a basic goat curry out of it with carrots, green peppers, and rice. Nothing fancy but it was delicious 🙂

I cooked the goat in the clay pot with the vegetables, the rice in the pressure cooker. One thing I wish they’d do is provide boneless goat but it seems traditional to sell the meat with bone for some reason. /shrug

Wouldn’t hurt to grease the foil, too. It’d also lend a good flavor to the underside of the meat. Love lamb over here. Another one I love to use the clay pot for. 🙂