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    The Back-UPS RS 900G there might require a replacement battery, however no warnings from the UPS monitor software. Could also be touching on the threshold of insufficient voltage as the PC was tested on another AC outlet. As is often the case out in the boondocks, the waveforms of the current can be a bit blocky, and the PSU itself is as old as the PC, going on 13 years, and like me, getting a little tetchy. 😛
    Revelation of the week, there is something skwewy with the PC and not the UPS, as the monitor S/W works on the new Ob rig, thread updated. 🙂

    The old monitors are an issue with new connections when trying to set up the two monitor system as before. Purchased this unbranded, but nice looking DP to VGA adapter which produced no signal when connecting up to the old Samsung S24B350H. The monitor has VGA and HDMI outlets only, the new Ob machine has two DisplayPort outlets and only one HDMI outlet, the latter is consumed by the TV, also a recent acquisition.

    Unfortunately the holding pins on the VGA adapter had to be filed down as they were an incompatible size. Tried a few combos in W11 as well.
    The standards require the adapter plug must be “active” to work, thus should have a chip inside to facilitate the conversion from digital to analog, the specs in the seller’s page didn’t say that, so should have checked initially. Could also be an issue with the power not being 3.3V/500mA from the DP outlet.

    So the last line of defence against purchasing a new monitor is the old ASUS VS248h monitor that has an extra DVI-D socket. Ordered this Alogic converter, hoping of all hopes it will do the trick. 🙂